Welcome to the new Emphoka.com!

Dear Emphoka community, and other welcome visitors! We have disappeared for several months, working hard on our new home website – one that would allow visitors to appreciate the outstanding photos that you have been contributing and continue to share in our Flickr group. Thank you for keeping the community alive in the meanwhile!

Our new home, Emphoka.com has been designed to reach as much people as possible thanks to its integration with social networks. We tried hard to make it look as good, and be as easy to navigate using mobile devices as possible. It is our hope that through Emphoka.com your inspiring photos will be able to reach a wider audience.

Starting next week, we will resume publishing “photos of the day”. We also want Emphoka to be more than a photo website. We want you to share with us, and with all the visitors some of your stories related to the best photographs published on Emphoka. Has your photo ever been selected as our “photo of the day”? Do you want to become Emphoka Columnists and write about photography? We are launching several columns, including “Story Behind the Photograph”, “Photography Techniques” and “Spectacular Photo Locations”. Please see “Articles” for details and contact us now!

The website is still fresh, so if you find any bugs or unexpected behavior, please contact us, thank you!